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6 Successful Online Team Building Events Tips For Companies

Team building events and activities are something that businesses of all sizes can benefit from.

They allow employees to connect in a more relaxed and natural manner, which can then help to open the lines of communication when it comes to everyday business dealings. A team that works well together and communicates efficiently tends to be highly productive.

So, what happens if your team works remotely? Team building exercises can be even more important in this case, as employees don’t have a chance to connect face-to-face.

Here are some tips for organizing an online team-building event that will bring about great results and lots of fun.

Team Building Events Need to Be Simple to Understand

1. Team Building Events Need to Be Simple to Understand

The first tip for successful online team-building events is to make sure that no matter what event you pick, the instructions are simple to understand.

Remember, you won’t be there in person to explain the rules and steps involved, so any instructions should be concise and brief. Make sure everyone gets the instructions at the same time, and that you present the activity in an online chat/meeting. Don’t forget to ask if anyone has questions.

2. Ensure Teams Have All the Tools They Need for the Event

It is also important to think about the tools and items needed to take part in the online team-building event.

Does everyone have access to them? If they need anything specific, you need to be sure to have it delivered before the event date. 

3. Host an Online Karaoke Party

Here is an activity that requires little in terms of instructions and you won’t have to worry about rules.

A karaoke party can act as a perfect icebreaker, giving staff a chance to loosen up and share some laughs. You can even encourage them to dress up as their favourite artist.

If you think staff will feel too shy, make it a singalong event instead where each employee picks a song, and everyone sings together. There are many websites and apps to help you host an online karaoke party, so be sure to check them out.

4. Break Them into Teams for a Word Unscrambler Game

You can also divide employees into teams, making sure you mix and match departments so staff branch outside their regular contacts, and put them to work on a word unscrambler game.

Some popular examples include Words with Friends and Scrabble, both of which can be played online making them ideal for remote employees. If they get stuck on a word, Unscramble is a simple but useful app you can use that will unscramble it for you.

5. Online Charades Ensure a Good Time

Here is another game that most people are familiar with and can be easy to play online. Charades is a classic and doesn’t take any extra tools, equipment or supplies.

Again, you can break staff up into teams so that they work together to come up with the solution. There are online charade generators so it takes all the guesswork out of it, and keeps things flowing smoothly.

Online Charades Ensure a Good Time

6. Send Them on a Scavenger Hunt

Is there anything more fun than a scavenger hunt? Chances are everyone working from home has some basic items around that you can make a list of. You may want to choose a theme, or just keep it more casual.

7. Expect Good Times and Great Results

By using all of these online team-building events tips, picking the right activities and events and making sure you keep things light and fun you can expect some excellent team-building results.

These team-building events can be enjoyed any time, especially after hiring new staff as a way to help them feel welcome and more comfortable. It’s all about keeping the lines of communication open.

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