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Infertility Treatments | Common Reasons & Solutions for Infertility

Such a term as “fertility” can be unknown for the majority of people. But if you have the aim to be a parent, your first task is to monitor your health and be responsible for it. Numerous books will educate and give detailed information, while skilled professionals and high-level medical centers will help to be healthy and achieve the main goal – being happy parents. 

ADONIS international fertility company is the best medical centers with worldwide experience and qualification which serve as a role model for many. 

More than 23 years we have been responsible for our patients’ fertility and their healthy children. More than 11 000 babies are delivered during this time, 32 countries are served with ADONIS professional care, about 1000 skilled employees including professors and doctors with academic degrees are working for YOU!

Variety of propositions and services will make it easier to be certain that ADONIS is your right choice!

  • Progress success rates – exceptional medical teamwork and best-equipped clinics in ADONIS is your bail of high success rate
  • Surrogate mother selection – ADONIS own surrogate base of healthy gestational carriers guarantee the best health for your baby
  • Affordability and reliability – ADONIS provide convenience package for clients from USA and Canada at no additional cost, transparency and no hidden costs policy is our credo
  • Best equipped laboratories and innovations – the latest technologies are granted in ADONIS clinics, medical innovation for your successful results on the base of ADONIS centers
  • Legal support and help – ADONIS own legal team is your best helper in the area of establishing parenting rights and immigration procedures, no delay – only good memories
  • Specialists of the top level – ADONIS team of fertility specialists and other specialists are of extensive knowledge and experience (from 12 to 25 years long!)

More information about the best ADONIS medical assistance you will find on our website with special medical articles on the subject. Submit your request and begin the new stage of parenting life. 

ADONIS fertility international is responsible for international surrogacy, IVF treatment and donation programs with the main goal – an exclusive opportunity for every couple to realize the dream of being parents. For the best comfort of our clients from the USA and Canada, the North American Headquarters of the ADONIS Medical Group is successfully operated. This office provides special terms and conditions for everyone. You can count on reliable coordination with the full information providing and help with the ADONIS programs. 

The full complex of support is provided in the heart of the United States, while professional medical assistance is waiting in beautiful Kyiv, Ukraine. 

Don’t be aware of trying new proven methods of infertility overcoming, the latest technologies and novelties are ready to improve the life of every client of ADONIS. Few simple steps with the best assistance and help will lead to beautiful results and years of future happiness. 

ADONIS Fertility International is your proven solution to the infertility problem. Waiting for you 24/7 by the address or email: 

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