What are the types of fixtures?

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The retail sector, one of the most dynamic and fastest-growing in the world, had a watershed year in 2018. International players made unprecedented investments in the industry, and rivalry between e-commerce companies and traditional merchants for market share was fierce. Brands’ decisions to shrink store formats were another critical development in the retail sector. Even while the argument over the significance of brick-and-mortar stores rages on, retailers continue to invest in and strengthen their physical presence. There are several Store Fixtures among which you can choose.

Any piece of equipment or furniture used to display products is a fixture in the retail industry. Shelves are the most popular fixture, but there are also mannequins, display racks, showcases, stall walls, signage holders, and other options. Retailers have the most influence over fixture selection; however, they will occasionally work with companies to build unique displays with custom fixtures.

Retail fixtures serve as brand ambassadors and storytellers.

Brands are reinventing the purpose of physical storefronts, and classic one-size-fits-all retail layouts are dwindling. Physical stores are becoming more than just delivery sites; they are also experience centers. Shopping is influenced by the store’s appearance and atmosphere and its items and offerings. Store fixtures are no longer merely for displaying products; they’re also essential to its branding and story.

In the shopfitting and fixtures industry, innovation is a continuous process. Virtual Fixtures based on the concept of augmented reality, Smart Mirrors, Digital Displays, Virtual Reality, and other new technologies are being applied in retail establishments. Though India lags behind Western markets in integrating technology with fixtures, the country is catching up. New technologies will be integrated to keep up with changing trends, forcing shop fixtures to adapt.

Choosing the Correct Store Fixtures is an integral part of the Shopping Experience.

Fixtures were once primarily used for storing and exhibiting products. Still, as the fight for client attention becomes more fierce, selecting fixtures to make the product stand out is becoming increasingly important. Fixtures are crucial in providing a distinctive, branded experience in stores.

  • Anthropologie

Anthropologie finds unique fixtures and turns them into display pieces, such as the bench below. This offers their stores a distinct and branded vibe while also ensuring that each location is separate from the others. Some types of fixtures are found in every store to ensure uniformity.

  • Target

Target is a more traditional “big-box” retailer, with uniform, highly adaptable fixtures in all of its locations. However, distinctive fixtures and decor, such as the bullseye playground below, their gigantic Target shopping basket, and unique holiday decorations, are constantly added to enhance the retail experience.

  • William Sonoma 

William Sonoma fixtures are a beautiful mix between a “big box” approach to lighting and Anthropolgie’s “every store is different” approach. Although William Sonoma has unified displays and fixtures across all of its locations, the arrangement remains open, with plenty of tables and shelves mainly on the walls to enable consumers to peruse.

Final thoughts

To keep up with the changing trends in the retail business, the shop fit, and fixtures industry has grown significantly. Attempts have been made in recent years to integrate digital technology into stores and provide customers with both online and physical options. 

Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence are slowly making their way into retail outlets. Brands have realized the value of store interiors and atmosphere in improving the shopping experience and attracting customers. As a result, brands are investing more in-store fittings and fixtures than ever before, and they are more concerned with the look and feel of their stores. To keep up with the changing trends in the retail business, the shop fit, and fixtures industry has grown significantly.