Small Water Heaters – Your Options

Small water heaters, also known as compact or mini water heaters, are great for certain usages and for the most part, are inexpensive. What is the best way to use them and what should you look for when trying to decide on a specific model?

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A hot water system is best used to heat water in a garage, shop or out building. They can be used to heat any water outlet that is not connected to the unit that heats the water in the rest of the home. They range in size from 3 gallon tanks to 17 gallon tanks and they are often small enough in size to fit under a sink.

When researching a good one to purchase, consider these factors.

1) Price. Do not buy a cheap one. While they may seem like good values, it is known throughout the industry that cheap minis are a waste of money. They won’t work well and they will break down quickly. Expect to spend in the one hundred and fifty dollar range.

2) Warranty. Look for a six year warranty, minimum. Some units will come with nine year or twelve year warranties. Obviously, these are better. There is not a big price difference between the shorter warranty units and the longer ones so keep that in mind.

3) Know the dimensions. Make sure the unit you choose will fit where you want to mount or store it.

4) Power source. Electric, natural gas, or liquid propane.

5) Reputable manufacturer. Make sure to buy a model that is made by a company that has a good reputation in water heaters. Just because a company may be known for making other quality appliances does not mean it makes a quality water heater. These appliances are different animals and should be purchased from a company that specializes in making them.