Running a Muay Thai Camp for Boxing in Thailand and Business  

Running a Muay Thai Camp for Boxing in Thailand and Business  

Running a Muay Thai Camp for Boxing in Thailand and Business  


Plan carefully 

Statistics show that 50% of all new businesses will fail within the first two years. Although it is certainly true that there are many Thai boxing training camps that have started from very humble beginnings and have over time became extremely successful. However many of these training camps started on hard packed soil under a tree and therefore there was no over heads to weight that business down. It will be a completely different matter to start a training center in a metropolitan area where it will be necessary to rent a building where in your project can be operated. This kind of business will require a sizable investment and there will have to be a professionally written business plan. There will have to be allowances for marketing and advertising. It will be necessary to call attention to the benefits of this sport such as the weight loss and fitness benefits.

Location is everything 

The more visible your business is the more likely it will be that people will be aware of the existence of that business. That visibility is accomplished by establishing your business in a place where there is a lot of foot traffic. Secondly you need to invest a substantial amount of money into marketing and advertising in order to ensure that everyone in your area is aware of your business. You need to focus on the benefits of the product and in this case there are the weight loss and fitness benefits associated with Thai boxing. When people are sufficiently informed regarding the value of this sport you will soon reach a time where word of mouth testimonies will provide sufficient exposure for your business and therefore less of your finances will have to be invested in expensive marketing and advertising campaigns. Especially in Thailand which is the country of origin for Muay Thai the extraordinary benefits of this form of martial arts is already well-known providing business owners with an advantage.

Foreign investors 

Many successful Muay Thai projects have already been launched by foreigners in Thailand. Suwit Muay Thai with tremendous growth is a good Muay Thai camp for business.  In the majority of cases those people were already intimately acquainted with everything relating to the successful operation of a Muay Thai project. This is why these investors encountered very few problems. Sadly there are other investors who will attempt to benefit from the popularity of Muay Thai boxing in Thailand. It sometimes happens that these people are not adequately informed about exactly what is at stake and also how to proceed wisely and cautiously. This can lead to unnecessary problems which can be costly and which can sometimes force that business to close its doors. This is precisely why sufficient market research has to be done and you have to be sure that you have made a target audience which can be relied upon to support your business. Business people who do not do sufficient market research cannot realistically expect to have a satisfactory return on investment. Just like in any other business some important basic rules have to be followed.



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