Innovation Can Change Your Life

We all possess “hidden talents”. The Power of Innovation is one of the most common of these talents. You might have scratched your head now and again wondering why some people are so creative while you are not. Well, guess again.

In this article, I will give you a few tips and tricks about how to bring more innovation into your life. You see, you have the power to innovate and create anything you want, any time you want it. And I’m going to help you do it.

Creative development
Everybody is born creative but it doesn’t always take form right away. Development takes place at different times for different people. For example, the crayons and finger paints used in kinder garden were not only meant for the kids who possessed potential. A lot of times we see that our own potential was there all along, bubbling just below the surface. We just needed to scribble a bit longer in order to discover it.

The truth is that everybody has creative potential. From mathematicians to musicians and from housewives to politicians, everyone has the power to innovate and create their own lives.

Learn as you go
Do you remember how long it took you to learn to ride a bike or drive a car? It works the same way with personal innovation. You’ll need some practice and some experience, too, before your creative mind will open to you whenever you call on it.

Healthy body, healthy mind, successful innovations
Exercise on a regular basis. Exercise gives way to endorphins. Endorphins generally make people happy. Happy people are more likely to be positively productive. Now, take that productivity and do something good with it!

For those of you who play a musical instrument or sing, take a few minutes to practice if you notice that your ideas aren’t flowing or if you feel totally uninspired. This allows you to focus on something else for a while and it clears your mind, welcoming in fresh ideas. Then, not only do you get more inspired, you also start to master your instrument.

Take note of your dreams
Write down your dreams. Some of your dreams might be the most vivid, craziest thoughts that your subconscious mind has ever produced. Maybe you have had repeated dreams before. No, you’re not losing your mind; this is only your subconscious trying to tell you of the untapped innovative power lying within you.

Keep a pen and pad of paper next to your bed. Write down everything that comes up in your dreams that you can remember the second you wake up. Those dreams just might create an innovative spark within you and send you on your way to success.

Develop your own style
Style is always a key factor for (new) innovators. That’s why developing and claiming your own style is a very important step to take.

Most people can tell the difference between an early Rembrandt and a late Picasso. Famous authors can be detected by the way they choose and organize their words on paper. Your innovation will be appreciated by people because it’s uniquely yours and no one else thought of presenting your idea to the world in the exact way you are going to present it.

When more is just more
It’s easy to hide behind cool gadgets or tools, but those are by no means the key to successful innovation. You don’t need the most expensive paint, writing tools or software to create your masterpiece.

After all, who cares if you have the latest SLR camera when you take crappy pictures, or a state-of-the-art laptop if the text/blog/designs you produce is not engaging? Sometimes more is just, well, more.

The better you get at your craft the less tools you need to create and innovate. You know what works best for you – and what doesn’t.

Do it with passion
All that I have revealed to you now is just the beginning. However, there is one very important element you need to get your ideas percolating and your feet off the ground, and that is passion.

What gets you out of bed each morning (no, I’m not referring to your alarm-clock) and what gets you fired up each day? Have you thought about that? These are important points to consider before you start to innovate or create.

People with real talent are sometimes surpassed by people who simply want “it” more. Think about this: if you’re not really doing that you want to do, then why are you doing it in the first place? When you want something so bad, you are virtually unstoppable, and that is passion. Passion will keep you going to wherever you want to go, whenever you want to go there.

Inspiration will find you
Inspiration is a funny thing because it will come to you when you least expect it. Don’t try to force it, this will never work. Therefore, you should always be prepared for those unexpected moments when inspiration or a thought comes to you. This is your responsibility to yourself as a creator and innovator.

Take a pen and small pad of paper, or little voice recorder, with you at all times to immediately capture inspirational thoughts when they come to you. Most cell phones come with a voice recorder these days so make good use of it. Your ideas have the potential to change the world. Now is the time to innovate. Now is the time to create. Now it’s your turn to bask in the glow of success!

I hope this article will help you with bringing innovation into your life. Never forget you are doing this for yourself and not for everyone else. People around you will start noticing soon enough and things will start snowballing from there.

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