Healthier Homes with Air Cooler

Healthier Homes with Air Cooler

Dry skin, chapped lips, or itchy and clogged nose are common symptoms if you stay too long in an environment that is too dry. One of them is air-conditioned room. Air Cooler functions to restore lost moisture by spraying water vapor into the room.

In addition to maintaining air humidity in the room, Air Cooler, especially the solar air cooler also has a number of health benefits, both body health and the health of the room where you live. However, Air Cooler cannot be used as long as possible. Mistakes in using humidifer water can actually damage its function and even turn around to endanger yourself.

Good for skin health

Dry air can cause skin irritation and hair loss. Hot water vapor (spray water) sprayed by the Air Cooler can neutralize the humidity in the room so that any skin moisture, including the scalp, returns to normal.

Air Cooler is also used for the treatment of several skin diseases such as psoriasis and thyroid disorders.

Air Cooler makes housing healthy

Regardless of the room inside the house using air conditioner or not, the air inside must have been contaminated with pollution from the surrounding environment. Air Cooler can clean polluted air thereby increasing the quality of air circulating around the room.

Clean and humid air conditions because the Air Cooler is also good for ornamental plant health. It is also important to control the relative humidity of the room, good conditions are found at humidity levels around 50 percent. Ideal humidity can also prevent weathering wall paint and peeling wallpaper.

Reducing allergies and respiratory problems

Because it can improve air quality in the room, Air Cooler can prevent some allergies in the respiratory tract caused by dust and dirty air. If used and cared for properly, Air Cooler can reduce the risk of asthma attacks and throat infections.

Place the Air Cooler in a strategic place, such as near an opening so that it can immediately clean the incoming outside air

Sleep more comfortably with Air Cooler

Increasing humidity can also reduce snoring. Dry room conditions inhibit the process of breathing during sleep, obstruction of the smoothness of this breathing causes people to snore.

Therefore, the Air Cooler is placed right in the bedroom. By dripping a bit of therapeutic aroma or essential oil into the Air Cooler can create the maximum relaxing effect.

Air Coolers need cleaning

A humid room is good for health and occupancy, but if it is too humid, the room will be an ideal place for bacteria and other microorganisms to multiply.

This can also happen if you are lazy to clean Air Cooler. The inside of the very cool Air Cooler turns into a den of bacteria and viruses. Instead of cleaning the air, the Air Cooler spreads germs and disease into the room.

Tips on using Air Cooler

Different brands are also different ways to clean it. Follow the cleaning method shown in the manual of the Air Cooler that you purchased. Perform cleaning humudifier water regularly, at least 3 days.

And never refill the Air Cooler with tap water because it contains the remnants of minerals and bacteria. Air Coolers that are filled with household water can endanger toddlers and children who have asthma, the risk can be to cause lung damage. Always use water that has been sterilized or purified first.

By using the Air Cooler, humidity in the room can be maintained. The room becomes a clean and healthy environment so it is comfortable to use and helps smooth your activities.

How does a traditional air cooler (cold type) work?

How is this arranged?


The fan pushes dry air through a wet filter (water-saturated sponge) – easily.


  • air humidity in the room rises;
  • dust in the air decreases;
  • low cost device.


  • By increasing or decreasing the intensity of evaporation in the classic Air Cooler, air is saturated with moisture “with eyes,” precise control is not possible;
  • if you have an antibacterial filter that can be replaced, you should buy it regularly.

How does Steam Air Cooler work?

How is this arranged?


The heating element carries water to boiling point. Water evaporates and moisturizes the air. In Steam Air Coolers, it is desirable to have an internal hydrostate that does not allow too much steam generation, and it needs automatic shut-off after boiling all water.


  • high productivity;
  • affordable prices;
  • absence of cartridges and other consumables;
  • bath for essential oils (available in many models);
  • Steam air coolers can be used as inhalers (some are equipped with special nozzles);
  • You can fill tap water.


  • increased power consumption (300-600 W);
  • work more noisy than other air humidifiers;
  • heating air (steam has a temperature of 50-60 degrees);
  • Hot steam is dangerous for children and pets.

How does an Ultrasonic Air Cooler work?

How is this arranged?


The heart of the device is the piezoceramic radiator. If an alternating current is applied to it, the piezoelectric element begins to vibrate at ultrasound frequencies, splitting the water in the reservoir into many small particles. The fan blows the microparticles out, spraying water mist in the air.


  • built-in hydrostat (you can adjust the humidity level in the room manually);
  • automatic climate control sensor (reaches the set parameters, the humidifier enters the standby mode, and when the humidity decreases, is turned on again);
  • maintained various humidity (40-70%);
  • low noise level;
  • low power consumption with good performance;
  • Special air filters help reduce the amount of dust in the room.


  • salt-containing water, which is sprayed in the air is stored on furniture as white solids. Healthy people breathe in these salts unconsciously, but allergies and asthma need to be vigilant: pain may be from a mild illness, severe attacks of shortness of breath. Therefore, the use of boiled water in the ultrasonic Air Cooler air is purified through filters, and even better – distilled. However, often the ultrasonic Air Cooler is equipped with a built-in filter that solves this problem.
  • High cost.

Why do I need to ionize the air in the Air Cooler?

Interesting fact: for an average day European people eat about two kilograms of food, drink about three liters of liquid and breathe 11.5 thousand liters of air. From food a person absorbs useful vitamins, minerals and micronutrients needed for a healthy life. Inhaled air affects health such as food, and what does it contain?

What does ionization mean? The work of domestic air ionizers is built on the principle of simulating lightning discharge. This device re-creates lightning storm conditions and produces mini-lightnings, as a result of air saturated with negatively charged elementary particles (anions). Free electrons, which are created in the device, communicate with neutral oxygen molecules, receiving from them negative charges.

As a result, you breathe fresh, delicious air, like after a thunderstorm; sleep well and go to the clinic only for a medical examination – because the cold has passed. The ionization function is a great addition to air moisturizers.

What did the experts say?

The process of formation and destruction of aeroion continuously takes place in atmospheric air. Aeroion concentration (e / cm3) is the amount of aeroion contained in 1 cm3 of air. The amount of light ions depends on:

  • weather;
  • geological conditions;
  • geographical conditions;
  • the level of environmental radioactivity;
  • atmospheric air pollution.
  • The composition of air ions in residential buildings differs from atmospheric air. Average value of air ions in air:
  • in rural areas – 500-1000 e / cm3;
  • in pure mountain air – 2000-2,200 e / cm3;
  • in large cities – 150-450 e / cm3;
  • indoors – 40 e / cm3.


These figures clearly show that the air state is highly dependent on the concentration of light ions. Their number decreases with increasing carbon dioxide concentration in the air, because light ions are absorbed during respiration, adsorbed by clothing, skin.

Excessive air dryness in residential areas increases moisture evaporation from the mucous membranes, which worsens their filtration capacity in relation to dust and microflora, causing discomfort.

In addition, during breathing, large amounts of heavy ions are released into the air. The effect on the body of ionized air is associated with electroexchange in the lungs and irritation of the mucous membrane receptors.

The widespread use of aeroionizers is hampered by a lack of research and accurate scientific data on the effectiveness of these devices. Until now, simple methods for controlling air ion air composition have not yet been developed.

Several studies have shown that artificial negative aeronization has a positive impact on the treatment of hypertension, allergic reactions, bronchial asthma.

Creating a favorable concentration of light air ions in the air is very important if you spend a lot of time in front of a computer or in front of a TV. Ionizer along with regular ventilation from the place will help in solving this problem.

And putting geraniums in windows – these plant phytoncides also increase the concentration of light air ions in the air.