Benefits of Hiring Boutique Technology Consulting Firms

Benefits of Hiring Boutique Technology Consulting Firms

Here are the advantages that a small firm has over a large IT firm:

Specialized Services
If you are looking for specialized services such as education endowment technology, legal services etc, it is best to hire a boutique technology firm that specializes in that particular field. These boutique firms not only keep themselves abreast of their respective field, but also keep a tab on upcoming global trends, changes in their field and therefore can offer matchless services. Bigger firms which sell everything under their cart can never match the experience and expertise of boutique firms catering to specific services.

Responsive management
A small IT firm will have fewer tiers and it is more likely that the consultants working on your solution are more responsive to your ideas and issues. Also, with fewer tiers in between the management and the customer, it is quite likely that the clients will be directly dealing with the top management and as such the response would be much faster.

The consultants would be personally going over the project, with greater operational transparency. As such, the client would be kept posted throughout the progress of the project, something that is unlikely in case of a large IT firm with too many levels in between.

Also, a smaller firm would also mean that you would have a dedicated team working solely on your project from start to finish, thereby ensuring fewer hiccups and timely completion of the project.

Compared to bigger outfits, boutique IT consulting firms are more flexible in their approach. You’ll find them more collaborating and accommodating than their bigger counterparts. Also, at times, we find information not being percolated aptly to the downline, which certainly doesn’t happen with smaller outfits. In other words, you’ll have a small, dedicated team working wholeheartedly on your project.

Boutique firms are closely knit. The employees are directly responsible for their performance. Therefore, they are more attentive to the client and their queries.

Your Feedback is valuable to a boutique firm
Unlike large firms with many clients, your feedback and review about a boutique firm is really important to them. That’s why, they will leave no stone unturned to ensure full satisfaction to their client. Many a times, boutique consulting firms readily go an extra mile to keep their client happy- something you cannot expect from a larger firm with their rigid protocols.

Apart from the above, boutique IT consulting firms have a leaner organization structure and a strict eye on their overheads. Therefore, they may be able to offer competitive prices to their clients. Most importantly, these firms thrive on goodwill of their clients and that’s why, you can expect exceptional customer support service both during and after the completion of the project.

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