4 Positive Habits to Adopt in the New Year

5 Healthy Habits To Adopt For Making 2021 A Year Of Fulfillment


At the beginning of every New Year, we are inclined to make an actual or a mental list of the New Year’s resolutions we wish to accomplish in the upcoming year. And at the start of every year, we are extra eager to be smarter, better, healthier, less lazy, more outgoing, and more.

However, as the New Year progresses these resolutions more often than not are forgotten and we often end up saying “we’ll try again next year”. As we get busy with our everyday lives it eventually gets difficult to keep up with the set goals and make efforts to achieve them. Therefore, it is much easier to establish small goals and changes that we can implement into our existing lifestyle gradually.

As per a study published by the Society for Personality and Social Psychology, up to 40% of people carry out daily activities in almost the same manner every single day. That means, almost half of your day is spent doing the same things as the day before. Given that these habitual responses make up most of your day, why not adopt some healthy and positive habits that would be beneficial for you.

Let us introduce you to the four habits that you should adopt in 2022 to lead a more healthy and positive life. These habits will make your days more pleasant, change your mindset and increase your focus.


  • Set A Fitness Goal

This is the most popular New Year’s resolution that explains the number of people getting a gym membership significantly increased in January. But if you aren’t setting specific goals, you are less likely to follow through and stick to them.

Set specific fitness goals that you can achieve in a given period. Whether it is running a marathon in March or losing 10 pounds in 6 months, having an elaborate goal makes it easier to accomplish. You can even download a fitness app to keep track of all your fitness goals but make sure you have subscribed to a reliable internet connection for that. In case you haven’t, you can subscribe to any of the Spectrum Packages, taking into account your internet needs.


  • Take A Break

Your daily life could be chaotic and busy. It at times feels like the day hours in a day are too few to complete all the tasks on your plate. Given that, sometimes we view taking a break more as a luxury than a necessity.

However, the truth is when you give yourself permission to rejuvenate and decompress, you re-energize your mind and body. While relaxing activities can sometimes feel a little unproductive, you end up enhancing your productivity in the long run thanks to them.


  • Practice Gratitude

As per multiple studies, there is a very strong and significant correlation between happiness and gratitude. Being grateful can also lead to healthier relationships, better sleep, and having a positive outlook on life in general. There are several ways you can practice gratitude. You can keep a gratitude jar, gratitude journal, or write a letter of gratitude to someone.


  • Cook Once A Week

Baking or cooking can be tedious but it can also be very soothing and empowering. Set aside time during the week to bake or cook something for pleasure. Make sure you understand that you are cooking for pleasure, so you don’t focus on perfecting the dish. You can make something like ramen or grilled cheese but make sure to enjoy the process.


Wrapping Up

You can make the upcoming year the best that it can be by adopting some of the above-mentioned habits. Remember to be patient with yourself as you incorporate these healthy habits into your everyday routine.