Productivity Tips For Blogging Success – 14 Methods To Increase Productivity For Your Blog


14 Killer Productivity Tips for The Beginner Bloggers: Blogging Secrets Unveiled!

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Tried and Tested Actionable Tips for Bloggers on How to Increase Productivity and Overcome any Distraction.

We have taken up to bring to you the best kept blogging secrets and unveil some of the best productivity tips to help you increase productivity at work and spur growth.

Internet is always full of distractions. Be it struggling with the temptations to check Facebook or doing anything else lesser productive. We meet these distractions on everyday basis and every time we sit down to finish off our work. It negatively affects our work and we fail to increase productivity which makes our work suffer.


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Productivity Tips for the Bloggers to Increase Productivity

It is very crucial for the bloggers to maintain their cool and cope up with the distractions on regular basis. Blogging requires a focused and patient mind and body to increase productivity. These productivity tips are the most followed and recommended to overcome such distractions and keep moving ahead.

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Distractions: The Biggest hurdle in any blogger’s way of blogging!


The distractions are not for a few of us but equally giving most of us a tough time at work.

While we have talked about extensively on how internet can be employed to increase productivity in our previous article, we understand the pros and cons of it quite well.

These distractions come in different forms and take away some really productive time from us which we could have otherwise utilized to the best.

Before getting to increase productivity tips, it is crucial to understand the distractions and its element. This understanding gives us a very clear picture as to how we can effectively deal with it when we encounter them.

How Distractions Take its Toll : Mundane work, frequent email checking, frequent social media notifications, IMs, etc.

We often fill up our to do list with a lot of mundane work that keeps us from performing the actual work.For example if you have to reply to 07 D.Ms on Twitter or Instagram. You need not include it in to do list rather allot a 30 Minutes each day at the end or in the mid or towards the end whatever suits best and finish off all such work in that time slot.

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1. Power of A To-Do List


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To-do List: Increase Productivity

Remember our productivity highly depends on our to-do list. We give it such importance because it includes only the important work with high significance and value for the day.

A well chalked to-do list can help us glide from one task to another seamlessly through out the day without keep wondering about what and when to do all the time.

So this is one of the most important step for any blogger if h/she is looking to increase productivity. Start maintaining a to-do-list if you are not already doing.

2. Work Offline to Avoid Distractions

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Work Offline :Increase Productivity

Instead of checking our emails and social media account uncontrollably again and again, keep it to thrice a day or so to save the time from being wasted in that activity.

Keep all accounts logout and make sure you need to login every time you have to check your email so that you give up this habit soon. Same is for social media – Stay away as much as you should.

Try to work offline as much as you can and it will help increase productivity fast. This will keep you out of sight of the notifications and messages that can be the source of distraction when you are working online.

3. Keep Writing, Edit Later

Keep Writing, Edit Later for improving Productivity while blogging-1024x681
Write now, Edit Later


Do not waste time in editing as you go. Write and write as much as you can in a go and stop only when you run out of ideas for the moment.

Many people have a habit of editing side by side while they write. This interrupts with the writing flow.

Sometimes you must have written without editing once in a while and have noticed how fast you accomplished a long writeup. Just because you were focussing only on the writing part. Adopt this as a daily habit while writing and increase productivity.

If you are supposed to write 2000 words a day. Make smaller targets and achieve them again and again and give incentives to yourself every time you reach a target.


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Let me explain to you my formula of writing 2000 words a day:


I aim to write 100-200 words in a go, without stopping and no editing.

This takes not more than 3-4 minutes.

Writing 2000 words then actually takes maximum 40 minutes.

This does not include planning and deciding a structure for the given article etc. This is core writing time.

But does this actually take 40 minutes?

No! After every target I need to grab some coffee or juices or munch upon my favorite snacks.

Attending phone calls and nature’s calls can’t be ignored either.

But even with all this the target is achieved and all these work as an incentive or breaks to lighten up.


4. Meditation and Relaxation for More Output


Do Meditation and Relaxation for More Productivity-450x296
Meditation and Relaxation

This will be one of the coolest productivity tips you have ever received.

It is important to do some meditation and relaxation to shed off the fogginess and regain the clarity of mind as fresh as in the morning.

A day that starts fresh and clear is full of energy and output.

There are so many meditation and relaxation techniques that are available online and even most of us have done it at some time or the other. If we reminisce and adopt it as a daily practice every morning it can bring unbelievable changes to us.

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5. Motivation Methods that work for you

Try Motivation Methods that work for your Productivity-229x220
Motivation : Productivity Tips

”Some can be motivated by fear, others by rewards but the true motivation is Self Motivation.”

This is a beautiful quote to understand how any other motivation will not work for long unless we are self motivated.

Some writers also have shared from time to time how they have specific motivation methods to keep them going once they feel like stopping. This is one of the most recommended productivity tips of all time.

We all have different motivations in life which keeps us going. Likewise we all have motivations to keep achieving or aim to achieve what targets we have set for your work. Motivation clubbed with action and right approach becomes an unbeatable weapon for success.


6. Keep Moving – Run, walk or Crawl!



Keep Moving, Running, or walking for the sake of productivity-400x350
Keep Moving : Productivity Tips

The most savage productivity tips from the experts is here.

Motivation alone wont work if we are not taking any action in the right direction as stated above.

No matter what we need to keep moving forward as they say if you cant run then walk, if you cant walk then crawl but keep moving ahead or else you will be stepped and crushed and left behind.

Every time you give up a small goal or leave a small task unachieved it adds up to your future long-term goals.

Likewise, we need to keep moving step by step and keep adding value to our long term goals and avoid procrastination.


As smaller negligence adds to bigger troubles so does small achievements add to bigger achievements. The formula to attain big is attaining small and keep consistent with these smaller achievements.


7. The Immense Power of “One at a Time”

Do things One at a Time to increase Productivity while blogging-480x397
No Multi-tasking


One task at a time!

One goal at a time!

‘or’ One achievement at a time!

Multitasking is a big no-no for the writers. We need more focus for better quality and volume at the same time. Aim for one task at a time and achieve it in the projected time period.

Do not divulge into different topics or subheadings before you finish off the given one.

Make it a continuous chain of one after another and let it flow out in your writing to increase productivity. This method will help you focus, gather and reproduce best information on the given segment and more effectively.

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8. Say Yes to a Planner


Start Using a day Planner to Improve your Productivity as a blogger-658x850
Planner: Increase Productivity

Maintain a Big Planner which shall be visible to you all the time.

This means it should be placed right in front of your desk where you have your daily, monthly, quarterly and yearly targets clearly defined.

Keep it updated and keep analyzing your progress on regular basis. This will help you forecast and plan ahead in a better manner. It will also help you get out of the situations where you are lagging or pay more attention to the weaker links.

Have different plans for different kind of work that you are doing. Even if you are writing for two different niches let them have a different plan and methodology. One does not fits all.

The better the planning the more productive you can become and achieving the targets and be easier with a well planned start.

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9. Minimize Interactions and Keep Focus

The more interaction the more time gets wasted. Interaction be it in any form results in

Minimize Interactions and Keep your Focus Intact for enhancing Productivity as a blogger-200x200
Minimize Interactions

productivity loss.

To increase productivity one of the best ways to cut off all unworthy interactions is cutting of completely while writing.

The best results come when a writer is at peace and there is no outside noise to interfere with the thoughts of the writer.

This is how words flow out seamlessly and one after another the complete thought is woven and expressed across their piece of writing.

The time allocated for writing should never intercross with any other task or any other interactions. Keep the phone calls, messages, notifications, e-mails and even meeting out of question when writing, just focus on the writing.

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Now some words of wisdom, which still hold good and can not be avoided at any cost. These not only help you improve your productivity but also good for your overall health. Remember a healthy mind resides in a healthy body.


10. Eat Right Food


Eat Right Foods for the sake of Productivity as a blogger-500x322
Eat Right : Increase Productivity

Eating a healthy and nutritious diet helps maintain an alert and active mind and body. This contributes to increase productivity by keeping lethargy and laziness at bay.

Certain foods are a good source of vitamins and nutrients that helps our mind function better.

Food items rich in Vitamin C and Omega-3 fatty acids are the two major food sources which has the best impacts on our brain activity over the time, when consumed regularly.


11. Maintain Active Lifestyle

Maintain Active Lifestyle for Growing your Productivity as a blogger-432x286
Active Lifestyle : Increase Productivity

A sedentary lifestyle does not only affect our health but drags down the productivity like anything.

How can we focus on work when we have headaches, pains, mood swings or any other health problems?

To avoid any health conditions and increase productivity it is important for us to maintain an active lifestyle and watch out productivity skyrocketing like never before.

A few minutes of walk or exercise everyday is recommended to keep the fitness intact and preserve the nature’s gifted health.
Remember “A healthy mind lives in a healthy body.”


12. Look and Feel Good

Look and Feel Good to boost your Productivity-498x372
Look and Feel Good

Take out time for grooming and hygiene everyday. It gives a positive aura when we have groomed ourselves to look best and consequently increase productivity.

If we don’t feel good about ourself, our thoughts would intervene with negative energies, which surround our brain telling us that we are not feeling look and not looking good.


While on the other hand if we are happy with how we look an d feel everyday we feel more energetic and more uplifted to carry out our tasks in a more efficient manner.


13. Power of Greenery

Make use of the Power of Greenery for improving your Productivity-284x177
Power of Greenery

If you can gaze at greenery it has shown to uplift your mood and is very healthy according to many researchers.

You can have flowers or other plants pots in or around your office or workspace so that you have retire to gazing at them off and on.

Other than these anything which makes you happy, be it your pet or some hobby, be it a warm water soak or a refreshing cold shower, anything that lifts your mood and wakens up your senses is very good source to increase your productivity.

14. Breathe Good


Bad odors or any odors which are not giving our mind a much required dose of daily freshness is a big no no. With ever increasing pollution and depreciating air quality it has become difficult to breathe fresh pure air. Unknowingly it is slowing down our brain.


Breathe Good to boost your Productivity-625x360
Breathe : Increase Productivity

I have figured out this very amazing essential oil suggested by a renowned natural medicine doctor Dr Axe who is a renowned natural medicine doctor and clinical nutritionist

It is called rosemary essential oil and it feels so relaxing and rejuvenating. I have made it a habit to put on my diffuser several times in a day and refresh my mind with this amazing fragrance. It is so uplifting and clears off any fogginess instantly. Even while traveling I always have it with me and it is one of the best things I have ever found that works so fast.

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