How to prevent counterfeiting?

How small businesses can protect themselves against counterfeiters |  LegalZoom

You’ve released a new product that will blow up the market. You’re sure of it: something like this hasn’t been seen before, so there’s no reason for your idea to flop. The first weeks of your sales are going amazingly, but now something has happened: people offer your unique product for a lower prize. When this happens, you’ve become the victim of counterfeiting. In this blog, we’ll tell you more about this.

How does counterfeiting work?

Your success doesn’t go unnoticed. For every market that has high selling figures, there’s an underground of people trying to counterfeit the product. Their first step in this is ordering your product themselves. Depending on the product, they do as much to make a product that look’s as exact as possible like it. Some products are taken apart, some are just looked at very well. Of course, the counterfeiters never succeed in perfecting your product, but as they sell the counterfeit for a way lower prize, they get away with it. 

If the quality is less, is it a problem?

You might think that because of the lower quality, people won’t fall for counterfeiters. Unfortunately, reality shows that a lot of people do fall for it. The reason for this is that they don’t know in advance the product won’t be good. If the counterfeiters did succeed in making a product that looks just like yours, this might hurt your image, as these customers are likely not to come back to your products anytime soon. So: not only do counterfeiters lower your sales, they’re also able of hurting your image. 

What can I do?

Preventing counterfeiting from happening is hard, but it’s not impossible if you’re willing to invest in it. We recommend taking a look at These experts of online security know exactly what steps to take to make the internet free from counterfeiters selling their fake products. Once they find a counterfeiter, they take action to ban this person from selling their product. Every month, the results of this are reported to you, so know what you’re investing in and how successful it is. There’s no one stopping you from selling your unique products now, so start immediately!

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